The Revenue RAMP Accelerator Program

As our world begins to shift from crisis to recovery, many marketing leaders are struggling to jump-start their stalled demand engines to help their organizations return to growth.

In September, I’m bringing together some incredibly talented but struggling marketers to show them how to quickly jump-start their stalled demand engines to accelerate their company’s recovery/return to growth.

The program is called The Revenue RAMP Accelerator because we create one simple outcome: we will help marketers quickly build a RAMP to enable their organization to accelerate revenue growth.

We’re going to help you find and fix the leaks in your revenue pipeline, change sales perception of marketing-generated leads and gain buy-in for changing how leads are managed to prevent waste and maximize sales conversion rates.

We will do all of this without compromising lead quality, begging for more resources, or damaging your relationship with sales.

This program is perfect for you if you’re under increased pressure to generate more leads or demonstrate meaningful business impact to justify your budget during these challenging times.

You and I will go over everything you need to run this program for yourself…

Here Are Few Of The Secret You'll Walk Away With:

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  • Secret #1: How to evaluate your marketing technology stack and shape an executable roadmap for your digital transformation
  • Secret #2: How to gain organizational support for eliminating random acts of marketing to improve customer experiences with your brand
  • Secret #3: How to leverage existing marketing data, technology, and content to help sales have effective selling conversations
  • Secret #4: Frameworks, examples, and more than 10 templates, checklists, and calculators to support your work

Total Value: $10000

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Take A Sneak Peek Inside...

The Revenue Accelerator Program

You Will Also Get The Following FREE Tools To Help You Quickly & Painlessly Execute The Strategies Outlined In The Program:

  • Response channels audit checklist

  • Wall-of-Shame checklist

  • Sales & Marketing alignment perception survey template and email invite copy

  • Marketing & sales process maturity assessment calculator

  • Revenue improvement scenario modeler

  • Lead definition workshop PPT template & workshop invite email copy

  • Mutual service level agreement word & PPT templates

  • Leaky pipeline project plan template

  • 10 of the most effective email templates sales reps can use to pursue leads

All of this will save you hours of headache trying to do it yourself and help you jump start your engine – faster.

Don't just take my word for it, look at what others experienced when implementing the strategies outlined in The Revenue RAMP Accelerator Program:

Director, Demand Generation Marketing delivered campaigns with a marketing lead-to-sales conversion rate of 12% versus the 4% of their peers while maintaining a cost per lead average 53% lower than peers (Software Company)

Marketing Director grew pipeline dollar contribution from 4% to 25%+ of the total pipeline while delivering 38% of total sales (Software Company)

Vice President of Marketing generated more than $100M in total contract revenue via integrated marketing and sales enablement programs (Telecommunications Equipment Provider)

Senior Director of Marketing generated over 15,000 qualified, sales-ready leads that drove more than $1B revenue (Technology Provider)

Senior Director of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation drove $14M pipeline boost in 6-months, nurtured 30K inquiries yearly, and achieved 100% sales-lead acceptance rate across 9-regions (Telecommunications Equipment Provider)

Marketing Director increased marketing’ return on investment by optimizing lead management processes: 390% ROI, new automated C-level dashboard, project best-practices highlighted by third-party consulting firm case study (Telecommunications Equipment Provider)

Vice President of Marketing enabled the sales team to achieve over $24.5M in bookings, a 38% increase YOY (Software Provider)

In my role as a CMO for a global management consulting firm, we applied these strategies to build a Revenue RAMP and were able to drive more than $255M in marketing sourced revenues within a year and a half. We all achieved these results by becoming omnipresent for our buyers, preventing wasted leads, and enabling sales reps to effectively pursue and convert more leads into closed won sales.

Total Value: $10000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and When?

We kick off the first week of September.

I recommend allotting at least 2 hours a week. While time is precious, any leader can find two hours – nights, weekends, or over lunch hours to accelerate their company's return to revenue growth and be seen as a leader capable of driving the business.

I will put you inside a private Facebook group with me and your peers that are also working through the program. We’ll be there daily.

I will give you access to a step-by-step system to work through on your schedule.

Twice a month we jump on a live call to answer questions, brainstorm solutions, share lessons learned, and celebrate wins.

  1. How Does It Work:

I only want to work with 5 people who can implement, test, and report back on the results.

I'm taking people today and I'm inviting YOU to join this group.

This isn’t a ‘course’ where you have got to find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos.

I’ll give you bite-sized chunks you can knock out in a few minutes a day. I’ll also give you the tools, templates, and checklists to make it easier to do the work and realize results – faster.

During our time together we hang together in a private group to talk about it and brainstorm specific strategies for YOUR business so you can put it into action and report on your results.

I really want to create some great case studies from this so I will be spending time with you to make sure we maximize your results.

I will even give you bonuses for implementing.

  1. What do I need to bring?

We're going to be working closely together but it isn’t going to be drawn out, 4-5 hours in the whole month is plenty.

Groups thrive on contribution. When you are getting wins, we need you to share the success so others can learn from you.

At the risk of writing War and Peace I'm going to answer some other questions I'm sure you have below.

Do I need to be a demand generation expert or a marketing technologist?

You don't. In fact, if you feel as though you’re an expert in demand generation, lead management or revenue performance management can hurt more than it will help.

My operating philosophies and methods are so simple that they can stop you in your tracks. If you believe that marketing can and should be a measurable growth driver and that marketing and sales must work together to drive profitable revenue in a predictable manner, you’ll be fine.

  1. Do I need to bring anything?

You need to bring an open mind, be humble and be prepared to think about marketing in a scientific way. I have delivered great results for marketers and their companies for more than 20 years using the strategies outlined in this book.

I'll work with you to do the same.

Will the Revenue RAMP Accelerator work in my industry?

I’ve used these strategies for more than two decades for my own organization as well as clients’ organizations and had tremendous success.

As long as there is pressure on marketers to drive and prove business impact, the Revenue RAMP will work because we simply tap into psychology which never changes.

  1. Are there any bonuses?

You bet.

I’ll also give you a private 1:1 coaching call to review and discuss the findings of the review phase of the program. During this call, I will help you identify your greatest opportunities to accelerate revenue growth and establish priorities to maximize your return on this program.

You will also get the following free tools to help you quickly & painlessly execute the strategies outlined in the program:

  1. What’s the investment?

If you’re already pressuring your team to deliver more leads even though most marketing-generated leads are not converting into sales, this will cost you a FORTUNE to miss.

That said...

Your investment for The Revenue Ramp uses my Pay-As-You-Ramp program that makes it ridiculously easy to get started.

There are three payment options:

● One payment of $6750

● Three payments of $2250

● $1000 now then 11 payments of $545 every week (90-day program)

...most marketers realize a 10X return on their investment through improved lead-to-sales conversion rate within 6 months of executing the strategies outlined in this program.

  1. Is there a guarantee?

There is.

I believe in earning my keep and keeping my promises to people.

If you follow the program and do the work, I will work with you until you recover at least $50,000 in booked revenue from ignored, stalled, or previously lost leads. That is more than a 400% return on your investment.

In other words, you can't take any action and come back 5 years from now and

ask me to work with you.

But, come in, execute the strategies outlined in this program, and if you’re unable to recover at least $50,000 in booked revenue from potentially dropped, mishandled, ignored, or stalled leads,

I’ll happily help you troubleshoot – whatever it takes until you do hit $50,000 booked revenue in sales from marketing-generated leads.

You’ve got to do the work, but we’ll give you the tools and support group necessary to be successful.